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Calendar of Show Events

Bird shows, i.e. bird gatherings, have been severely curtailed in the UK by the increased incidence of avian influenza since 2019. The major poultry exhibitions which took place mainly from September to December have been cancelled due to the risk of disease transmission. Pigeon shows have continued because they are physiologically less likely to contract the disease than Galliformes and Anseriformes.

During the late summer of 2023, there has been a cautious return to localised poultry events, which have included chickens but not waterfowl. The chickens are more likely to be kept in aviary-like conditions than waterfowl which need more space. It seems unlikely that waterfowl will be exhibited in the near future for this reason. There is a likelihood of avian influenza outbreaks returning this autumn (2023) after the lull in late summer and September. Incidences of HPAI generally climb from October and peak towards January.

The larger show venues used in the past are simply not affordable because entries would be lower. There would also be a high risk of cancellation of an event; a high cost of cleaning should an infection in the livestock occur; and higher costs of running the event such as veterinary inspection and hygiene measures. The cost of obtaining insurance could be prohibitive; and finding a venue willing to take a booking might be a problem, because subsequent bookings could be restricted should an infection occur. Northern Ireland has been in more favoured position because of fewer outbreaks.

The Poultry Club is running Egg Shows, and information and discussions are available on their Facebook page at External link image.

Discussions also take place with DEFRA.

Page last updated: 16th October 2023