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Indian Runner Ducks and Geese for Sale

Pure breeds of waterfowl

The following waterfowl breeders are likely to have stock for sale. These breeders do not generally sell eggs. They will have birds for sale which vary between pet and exhibition quality. The birds are generally sold in pairs but other combinations may be negotiated.

If several females are wanted then buyers should seek suppliers of commercial white ducks and Campbells where the males are culled at hatch. Where hatching eggs are required, buyers should note that the normal hatching season is generally from eggs set from March to May. The strongest ducklings are obtained from such hatches i.e. in the normal breeding season for ducks. Very early and late hatches can present a welfare problem i.e. ducklings which need specialist accommodation with controlled heat and lighting, out of season. Ducklings hatched in August, for example, would not be mature until December.

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Bart Poulmans email Bart:
Mobile 00 32 497 51 13 85 (after 18.00 hr.)
Indian Runners (black, white) Sebastopol geese (white and buff), Calls ducks: Silver, Yellow Belly. Pekin ducks (American and German type), Forest ducks (black and blue).


John Faure Tel 27(0) 218433417 [Stellenbosch] email:
Indian Runner Ducks; Call ducks. Geese: American Buff, Chinese, Embden, Sebastopol. External link image and article.


Colin Davis / Apricot Valley Waterfowl Preservation Centre External link image / External link image
Breeding over 20 varieties of elite Indian Runner ducks, Welsh Harlequins, American Buff/Blue/Lavender Geese & Giant Dewlap Toulouse


Chris and Mike Ashton Tel 01938 554011
[Mid Wales / Shropshire border]
Email Chris and Mike External link image
Indian Runners: Fawn, Blue Dusky, Silver, White. Abacot Rangers. Geese:Auto-sexing Shetland and Normandy, African, Brecon Buff, Czech (Bohemian), Pilgrim, Steinbacher.

J Barnett Tel 01745 540488 [Near Denbigh]
Trout, Chocolate, Black Runners; Campbells, Welsh Harlequins, Call ducks, Steinbacher geese. Chickens: Welsummer, Barnevelder, Lafleche, Vorverk, Brown and Silver Duckwing Leghorns and many other breeds.

Annabell Broom Tel 01408 641755 [Highlands]
Rogue Runners - Facebook
Email: Indian Runner Ducks - Silver, Apricot Trout, White and Black. Other waterfowl - Black Shetland, Saxony and Muscovy

Julian Burrell [Cornwall]
Email Julian Burrell
Indian Runners: White, Fawn, F&W, Trout, Black, Blue, Chocolate, American F&W, Silver, Apricot Trout/Saxony (Blau-Gelb) Blue Trout, Bali (White). Khaki Campbell, Belgian Forest Ducks.

Sue Carroll Tel 01625 582584 [Cheshire]
Email Sue Carroll
Indian Runners: Apricot and Blue Trout. Also Appleyards (heavy ducks).

Sally Harris Tel 01584 823313 [Shropshire]
Email Sally Harris Fawn Indian Runners.

Marion L Stapleton Harley PUDDLES AND PALS [North Herefordshire]
Email Marion
Indian Runners: Blacks and Blues

Keith May Tel 01208 872417 [Cornwall] External link image
Fawn Indian Runners

Linda Stinchcombe Tel 07891 874159 [Torfaen NP44]
Email Linda Stinchcombe
Yew Tree Ducks & Poultry (see our Facebook page)
Indian Runners, commercial Aylesbury ducks and Welsummers.

Mike Sumner Tel 01507 568735 [Lincs]
Email Mike Sumner External link image
Indian Runners: White.
Other ducks: Black Muscovies, Rouen Clair.
Geese: Toulouse and African. Chickens: Lincolnshire Buff.
Turkeys: Buff, Pied, Red-Slate.