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About the IRDC

The INDIAN RUNNER DUCK CLUB was created to look after the health and welfare of this unique duck and to help those people who keep, breed and show pure Indian Runners. Set up in 2000 by a group of waterfowl breeders in the UK, this club has attracted interest from both exhibitors and pet-keepers. There has also been contact from commercial duck-keepers and from artists who paint and model these graceful birds. One of the main functions of the Club is to bring together Runner enthusiasts by providing newsletters, information on the web, and useful contacts.

The aims are to:

  • promote the health and welfare of the birds;
  • encourage the breeding of pure Indian Runner ducks;
  • contribute to the maintenance of the breed standard;
  • provide help and information for members.

The committee at present consists of a chairperson, vice-chair, secretary/treasurer (post vacant) plus committee members. These include four Indian Runner judges.

The Committee Includes:

  • Chairman - Julian Burrell
  • Secretary/Treasurer - post vacant
  • Vice Chairman - James Rigby

Committee Members

  • Judith Barnett
  • Graham Hicks
  • Antonia Hudson
  • Keith May
  • Mike Mayers
  • Rachel Mayers
  • Roy Pryce

Representatives Abroad

  • Bart Poulmans (Belgium)
  • Colin Davis(Canada)
  • Herby Lusby (Ireland

Newsletters Page

Publications are at the heart of a thriving breed association. We currently provide three News Letters for each year's membership. Our aim is to keep members up to date with what is happening, well informed on health-care and management of ducks, and aware of the background to this unique breed.

The first newsletter was published in December 2000 at the Club's inception and was available to prospective members. It contained articles about the founder secretary, historical research by Professor Dr Rudolph, cartoon images of Runners from the 1920s and show results from three of the major Autumn shows in 2000.

Members can advertise their birds free of charge in a small advert in the Newsletter and on the website. (Breeders' Directory). Display adverts for products associated with Indian Runners can also be placed, for a small cost, in the newsletters and on the website.


Subscriptions are paused for 2021

Advantages of membership include:

  • newsletters and yearbook
  • access to information and advice by e-mail
  • personal contact between members by e-mail and at events in the UK
  • eligibility for rosettes in the UK
  • inclusion in the annual points scheme UK
  • inclusion for the Perpetual Points Cup at BWA National Waterfowl Show
  • Advertising on the website - adult pure breeds/colours of waterfowl

How to Join